Hello and welcome to Hell’s Rebels. Below are some rules for the campaign:

Campaign Status

*IDK when I will begin Hell’s Rebels.

  • Here is a link to download the Hell’s Rebels player’s guide: Pathfinder-Adventure-Path-Hells-Rebels-Players-Guide

Character Creation

  • 20 Point Buy System. Start with max gold, and always do max HP.
  • Core Races, Tiefling, Strix, and Aquatic Elves allowed. Yes. That’s right. Strix are now allowed. (But I do prefer at least one person to play a core race, otherwise social settings in the campaign could become challenging.)
  • Core, Base, and Hybrid Classes allowed. No Occult, Unchained Classes, Alternate, or any third party content. Advanced firearms will not be in this campaign for gunslingers.
  • If you want to play an evil character, consult with me first.

Etc. Rules

  • Banned Feats: Leadership

Hell's Rebels

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